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The biggest factor in achieving success by far

The biggest factor in achieving success by far

Naked Leader Week 796 – 12 November 2018

Time to Read: 20 seconds

The biggest factor in achieving success, by far

For you, for your friends and for your organisation.

Do you/they, really want it?

Do they really, really want the outcome?

If you/they do, the chances of success are massively increased – way more than apparent ability, talent or knowledge.

When someone really, really, really wants something they are passionate, persistent and personally committed.

Save yourself a lot of time, energy and heartache by asking yourself, and others, do you/they really want something, or not?

In short:

How much time would you devote to it?

How much effort will you put in?

What sacrifices are you be prepared to make?

In shorter:

Are you ready to #nevergiveup?

Read/watch the stories of any successful person, team or organisation to see the truth of it

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