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Naked Leader Week – 152 (w/c Monday 17 April 2006)


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When we present new ideas to each other, we sometimes put up mental “barriers.” Can you remember what it feels like to share your ideas with other people? Do you recall a feeling of whether people will agree with you?

Now, do you remember a moment when you really connected with someone, with your ideas? And as you did so, how the barriers came down

As you trusted someone

As you decided to pay them total and absolute attention

As you really listened to what they were saying

With a completely open mind

Without making any judgements

With your total awareness

With your total everything

How the barriers came down, without effort, easily and automatically

And suddenly, you and they are communicating with each other at a very deep, personal and trusted level

And as you go back in time to feel how amazing and humbling that feeling was

And as time moves forward, and these thoughts sink deep into your mind, you may find similar feelings of trust enters your mind

They may be slight or they may be deep, whatever you are feeling right now is fine, and you find yourself allowing them to happen, and enjoying the experience

As you go forward

As you read on

As you go with the flow that is starting to make you feel very relaxed, calm and centred

And as you feel whatever you are feeling, and as you relax to whatever degree you are relaxing, it is as if the words on this page are becoming very clear to you, as if the screen is moving closer to your eyes

As if these words and you and connecting at a very deep level

And I am speaking directly to your subconscious mind

Directly, to the real you

You that is living, breathing and full of strength

Privately, to the you that is reading these words, and feeling what you are feeling, as your true and amazing abilities, talent and potential become clear to you, right now

And you are a human being

A human being

So, just


 Be You

You feel what you feel

You know what you know

You are who you are

And as you are, you find your breathing automatically deepens your relaxation

As you breathe in, you breathe in energy, and strength, and a warm feeling that runs throughout your entire body, crossing into your mind and spirit

And it feels very very calming

And that’s fine

You may be more relaxed, you may find yourself breathing more slowly, or you may simply feel a warm glow of energy, running through your whole body

Or you may simply feel, calm

As your mind relaxes, and your breathing is deeper, you may feel new levels of energy, strength and belief flow through you

Each and every word suggests these unique talents closer to the surface, as you feel at one with yourself, the world and everyone in it

You are reading this page and these words

Only you are reading this page and these words

And it is very private, and it is wonderful

Because it is the real you that is connecting with these ideas, connecting with these feelings, connecting with the real, authentic you

The you that was born with unlimited potential

The you, today, who still has all of that potential, plus all of the knowledge you have learned and the experiences you have had

It all adds up to an awesome, amazing person

It all adds up to you

It might be that some of your childhood dreams are returning to you

It might be that you are remembering what it felt like to be unstoppable

Or it might simply be that you now realise what a unique, special and gifted person you really are, and always have been

And as you remember whatever you remember, and whether your dreams are clear to you, or they are not, you may find yourself realising:

This is it – this is what it has all been about, and now I get it:

 What lies before me

And what lies behind me

Are but blades of grass to what lies within me

 And whether your dreams are clear to you, or not, you know, and always will know, that you have everything you need to be anything you want

And you have it, right now

You are an amazing person, an incredible human being, with gifts, talents and strengths beyond your wildest imagination.

Take that thought, and all of the warmth, and double them

Now double them again

And again

And as you do, you may find these amazing deep feelings of wonder, of warmth and new strength flow through your body towards your very heart

It is unstoppable, and so are you

You always have been

In all that is

And all that was

And all that will be

And now, as you begin to realise your true self, and what you are really capable of, you begin to remember

You remember who you really are

You remember your first breath on this earth – the energy, powers and potential that breath held

And it may seem like a long time ago, or it may feel it is just a moment ago, or it may be right now

Because inside each and every one of us is something we were born with, that is ours and ours alone. It cannot be taught to you, or learned by you

It is something you remember

A strength, a gift, a talent that was given to you when you came into this world

And as you think back, and remember whatever you remember, you connect with the real, authentic you.

We spend so much time looking outside of ourselves, for what has always been within.

A power, an energy, and awesome unique talent, is already within you, waiting…

To help you achieve your dreams

To help you to help others, close to you, or in need of your help

To help you, to help make this world a better place to live

It is time to live your life, the life that only you were meant to live

And as you do so, you rejoice

Privately, deep within yourself, you feel your dreams, your peace, your life, awakening like giants within you

Dreams you know you can achieve – and help others to achieve

An inner peace that is so deep and so still, it connects your very mind, body and spirit

A life that is full of amazing possibilities, which you are now beginning to realise

And as you finish this chapter, and put this page down, look around you, at the world, in this moment

And smile, deep inside

Because you know:

It is time

It is time to be the very best that you can be, by being the very best that you already are

It is time to find to give you, back to your self

Welcome home



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