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Would you be a Mutual Mentor?

Would you be a Mutual Mentor?

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Would you be a Mutual Mentor?

Last week I featured Swaye Chateau who is now successfully running his own business, happy and settled in his life after a very difficult time.

His success is due to his own resilience and perseverance which he found with help from the Prince’s Trust. He would now like to participate in our Mutual Mentor scheme.

We ran a pilot Mutual Mentoring scheme last year which has proved itself successful with the business leaders and young people involved, and we are announcing the next step in Naked Leader Mutual Mentoring today.

What is it?

Put simply – we partner a young person, over 18, with a successful business leader and they mutually help each other.

We have 8 young people from one of our Princes Trust events, all of whom know more about resilience, persistence and getting back up again than I ever could!

We are now looking for 8 experienced leaders.

If one of these is you please email

With my love and best wishes for a wonderful year


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