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A Naked Week – 2

A Naked Week – 2

Naked Naked Week – 2 (28 April 2003)

A Naked Week – 2 (28 April – 3 May, 2003)

The weekly update from David Taylor, author of “The Naked Leader”

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 10        The Disney Channel – If you have children you will know some companies are a lot “cooler” than others. I recently did some work for Disney, just one day, and soon my daughter Olivia was telling her friends that I owned the channel! Last week she asked me (in passing) if I could arrange for a certain programme to be moved from 5pm to 5.30pm as she did not get home from school in time to see it. I said I would see what I could do but that she should not hold out much hope. And guess what? The very next day they announced the programme was changing time – exactly as she had requested. “Thanks Dad” she said as she gave me a hug. Now, do I let it go or take credit and be forever asked to change the TV schedules for her?!

09        Favourite Joke – Readers favourite joke from The Naked Leader is…

There once was a rich business man in London who had twins.  And you know how babies have a personality almost from the moment they are born?  One baby was miserable, the other was happy.  And it continued all the way through their early childhood – everyone remarked on it, but their father refused to accept it.  He decided to test it out once and for all on their tenth birthdays.  In the small hours he filled the pessimist’s room full of the most amazing toys and presents you could imagine.  And the optimist’s he filled full of horseshit.  Early the next morning he crept past the pessimist’s room. He could hear him grumbling, “This won’t last long, I didn’t really want one of these”.  Then he went to the optimist’s room – and he could hear him whistling a merry tune!  He burst in the door to see his optimist son whistling away shovelling horseshit out of the window with a spade:

“Why are you whistling when your room is full of horseshit on your birthday?”

“Hey Dad, with this amount of horseshit, there must be a pony here for me somewhere!”

 08        Star Teams – We spend billions on building and sustaining unstoppable teams. This week, I discovered a totally new and novel solution from Roy Gillett, Chairman of the British Association of Astrologers. Put teams together based on astrological signs. Amazing! After all, if we do what we have always done, we will get what we have always got, so if we want different results… A definite for book 2

07        Web-Site of the An archive of all web-sites, that goes back to the start of the Internet! You can see all earlier versions of any site, and when they were updated. Check out Enron, the fantastic earlier versions of Anthony Robbins sites, and other leadership sites…

06        Nightmare Store – Many readers have asked for the title of the children’s book that inspired the choose-your-own adventure style of The Naked Leader – it’s “Nightmare Store” by Hilary Milton, published in 1982 by Methuen under their Magnet label. Sadly it is now out of print but may be available online…

05        At the dentist last Tuesday, he is staring into my mouth, justifying why he is about to hurt me. I look around, vainly hoping for something to look at other than the teddy bear poster on the ceiling. And then he starts drilling. My imagination kicks in – what would I hate more than this? Suddenly am image comes into my mind, I imagine him stopping, smiling and giving me a choice “David, I can either drill deeper into that cavity or give you this Total Quality Management manual to read – your choice.”

“DRILL, DRILL” I yell…

04        Mass Market – On 3rd July the book goes mass market, published by Transworld under the Bantam label. It will be much more available in shops than the present edition, and will include some new material, including this brilliant Abraham Lincoln story illustrating perseverance:

 And so it was that in 1832 young Abraham Lincoln lost his job. And the Discouragement Fraternity sneered and said unto him:” If you’re so smart, why ain’t you successful?” And Abe, intimidated, hung his head low and crawled back under yon rock from whence he came.

 And so it was that later in that same year Abe ran for the Legislature of Illinois and was badly defeated. And the Discouragement Fraternity sneered and said unto him:” If you’re so smart, why ain’t you successful?” And Abe, intimidated, hung his head low and crawled back under yon rock from whence he came.

 And so it was that this pattern continued – tried his hand at business in 1833 and went broke, ran for speaker in 1838 and lost, was overwhelmingly defeated in a bid for nomination to Congress in 1843, rejected for appointment to the U.S.Land Office in 1849, soundly beaten for U.S.Senate seat in 1854, defeated for nomination for Vice-President in 1856 – and after each failure, the Discouragement Fraternity, always more than happy to be of help, sneered and said unto him: ”If you’re so smart, why ain’t you successful?” And each time, Abe, intimidated, hung his head low and crawled back under yon rock from whence he came.

 Then in 1858, after once again being defeated for the U.S. Senate, and after once again enduring the Discouragement Fraternity sneering and saying unto him:” If you’re so smart, why ain’t you successful?” a funny thing happened on the way back to yon rock from whence he came:

 Abe thought for a moment, scratched his head, then finally came to the conclusion that intimidators must have more fun than intimidatees. Thus concluding, he looked up at the Discouragement Fraternity and replied: “Stick they finger up thy nose and go fly thee a kite.”

 …and lo and behold, Abe, the ex-intimidatee, became President…and saved the Union.

And the members of the Discouragement Fraternity – fingers in noses and kites in hand – said unto Abe: “Brave! We always knew you would be successful.”

 …Whereupon Abe displayed a gentle smile and walked quietly away.

From Winning Through Intimidation

By Robert J. Ringer


03        Your Most Inspirational Films – The Top 10 – May 2003

 Each month I will be inviting you to submit your favourite inspirational films (the whole film, not just a particular scene) – please send your top three and why it inspires you. Each week we will give update you on votes received, and at the end of May a top 10…

Films so far nominated… “The Lion King” ; “The Legend of Beggar Vance” ; “Dead Poet’s Society” ; “Good Will Hunting” ; “The Lord of The Rings – The Fellowship of The Ring”

02        “Working Wonders” – I have successfully auditioned for Carlton’s new business programme aimed at small to medium companies, starting a series of six weekly programmes on Thursday 19th June. We start filming on Thursday 8th May and “A Naked Week” will give you all the inside information first.

01        Vision in Action is a hugely successful mind, body and spirit group based in Woking, started just a few months ago by Julie Bryant (

On Thursday 1st May I had the great honour to share a platform with Maurice Spillane, who read his own poetry to complement Naked Leader messages. We had a very large attendance and it was a wonderful evening. Maurice’s life-goal is to take the mystery and jargon out of poetry so it appeals to all. In this poem, Maurice brilliantly peels open our memories, and feelings of love:

April Fool, by Maurice Spillane

This is my hotel room – midnight –

and this is where I now am at.

Today I played executive

and hungered for you. Tonight I

look at your note and think I know you.

What are we doing? Trying

to make love through the

glass wall of our distance with hands

that cannot touch, lips that cannot kiss.


Two dreams of escaping so easily escape –

escape into a dream. Do you dream?

Do you dream by day

of how we may or may not be?

It is dangerous to dream by day, for

I want to be your mind, your body,

my hands in places where only poets go.


We have no reference to compare except,

except the moments that we polish for ourselves.

Dream dreams of Africa and Tibet,

jumping from stalled ships if we are let;


jump, if we can jump, when we jump, when…

Let me see deep from inside your gaze.

Somehow these will soon be quaint old days,

For tomorrow is where we are at.





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