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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Thought For The Week

CONSIDER your New Year resolutions. How many can you achieve? Who can help you achieve this dream? Do you have someone with whom you can share the dream, who will laugh at you (very important)? Do you have someone close to you whom you can share this dream with, who will not laugh at you…Continue Reading

Give Your Child a Voice – Revisited

PUSHING the boundaries. Most parents will be familiar those three words which suggest negativity in terms of a child’s perceived behaviour. So how refreshing to consider an alternative. A DVD that dares to take on the concept of allowing a child a voice, in a positive way, so as to unleash the gifts of that…Continue Reading

Action For The Week

IF you would like to connect with children, pass on your experience and help large numbers, one of the most effective ways is to speak at a school. Most schools in our area will welcome an external speaker such as yourself. It’s usually easy to find a slot, then the challenge comes when you actually…Continue Reading

Here’s Your Starter For 10

SOWING the seeds of recovery might be overstating the case, with the economy a long way from recovered. However, there is no doubt that the record number of start-ups in the UK during the past 12 months has created much-needed growth to lessen the impact of the public sector job losses which are about to…Continue Reading

Phoenix Rises

DEDICATION, inspiration, transformation. Kenny Graves, Nadine Taylor and their  colleagues in the HR department at the Phoenix Group in Birmingham started with the first, experienced the second and resulted with the third. All thanks to an introduction to Naked Leader founder David Taylor and the HR team’s determination to make a difference through innovative thinking…Continue Reading

This Christmas …

Time to Do – At your next opportunity Be nice to people that you don’t have to. We all know that it is important, for all sorts of reasons, to be “nice” to your partner, your family and friends, your boss, your boss’s boss, and so on. What some people know is how critical it…Continue Reading

Thought For The Week

YOUR customers are why you exist. Without them, you have no business, or organisation. They must be top of your priorities, in the eyes, minds and actions of all of your people. Your number one aim is to attract, retain and delight your customers. (Extract from The Naked Coach)Continue Reading

Who you gonna call?

Time to Read 30 seconds – Time to Do – a heartbeat Last week a man I was coaching made a very brave decision. Having not spoken with his brother for the last ten years, he phoned him. Not to say sorry, not to focus on why they fell out all that time ago, rather…Continue Reading