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Monthly Archives: August 2012

He can’t hear you now

Time to Read – A short time to read, a long time dead He can’t hear you now On 19 August Tony Scott, film director, committed suicide. In many interviews during his life, he talked about the critics’ negative reaction to his work – those self same critics who are now pouring out the tributes.…Continue Reading

Have a Dream

HAVE an idea or a dream. Now, ask yourself, what will the exact results be when you have achieved your dream? Be as clear and certain as you can – there is no room for ambiguity here. If it is a promotion, write down the new job title and your new responsibilities. If your dream…Continue Reading

Coach Yourself – With Naked Leader

THERE will always be a need for a coach – and before you ask, no I don’t mean a luxury 52-seater with tables and bathroom facilities. In business coaching is a one-to-one, on-the-job approach by managers and trainers to help people develop their skills and levels of competence. It can also involve group learning –…Continue Reading

Get In The Swing

THE Legend of Bagger Vance. Anybody who hasn’t seen this film should see it. Today. Bagger Vance is a caddy who helped a golfer, Randolph Junuh, rediscover how to play golf after Junuh had ‘lost his game’. It is a film that is inspiring, endearing, thought-provoking, wonderful. It will make you laugh. It will make…Continue Reading

Marks and Mentor

ON your Marks, get set, go! No, we are not reliving the wonderful Olympics here, although if you think you can edge out Usain Bolt’s 100m world record time then by all means get to work! Rather, we are learning a thing or two from Andrew Marks about how to be a business focused IT…Continue Reading

Ex Marks The Spot

AS far as growing the economy is concerned, Ex marks the spot – Exports that is. A big percentage of firms who sell goods abroad expect sales to overseas clients to grow in the second quarter of this year. Up to June, business owners have predicted a growth in trade, while others believe it will…Continue Reading

‘In your company, who is the CCO?'”

You will have a CEO – the Chief Executive Officer, whose main purpose is to deliver results, you will have a CFO – the Chief Financial Officer, whose main purpose is to report on those results, and you will have a CCO – the chief Confusion Officer, whose main purpose is to make everything as…Continue Reading

Check It Out

CHECK your customer’s performance just as they are checking on yours. Do it this week and constantly throughout your relationship. Fortunes of businesses change so watch for the trends. It is important that, however apparently prestigious a customer is to you, if they are not paying on time, you need to act. Consider ceasing to…Continue Reading

Be A Millionaire

SOWING the seeds of recovery might be overstating the case, with the economy a long way from recovered. However, there is no doubt that the record number of start-ups in the UK during the past 12 months has created much-needed growth to lessen the impact of the public sector job losses which are about to…Continue Reading