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Competencies have one major downside

Competencies have one major downside

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Competencies have one major downside

They never work.

Boring, complex and time consuming aside, they simply create general all rounders.

Going forward – strengths are all.

Because if people do not use their strengths every day, they will reduce.

If all you did in your organisation was to unlock the single biggest unused strength in everyone, including yourself, and used it every day, you would achieve literally anything that you want.


Ask everyone in your team – ‘What is the biggest strength that you have, that would really help us, which you are not presently using?’ – And, like Passions last week help, lead and encourage people to apply those strengths each and every day.


Put your teams, projects and programmes together based on complementary strengths.

People are of course free to learn new skills and develop new strengths – however please please please can we move away from always focusing on people’s weaknesses, or even worse, let’s stop recruiting people on the basis of the strengths they have, and then tell them off for using them!

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PS This is part 3 of How to Unlock the Strengths, Passions and Ideas in the people that you already have – click here for last week on Passions and here for Ideas.


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