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Have you ever noticed how your greatest strength…

Have you ever noticed how your greatest strength…

Naked Leader Week 937 – 23 August 2021

Time to read: 23 seconds

… can also be your greatest weakness?

A Young Ambassador from The Princes Trust pointed this out to me, after attending an event – in person, pre Covid

Over a coffee, she said:

“You are a great speaker David”

I thanked her (Ego stroked)

She continued: “You would be even better if you didn’t speak quite so much”

(Pause – Ego goes into shock)

“You know what I mean David” she continued, “you get a bit carried away, you ramble, go off subject”

I thought about what she had said, and thanked her again – after all, I knew she was right

As this was mutual mentoring, I asked her if she had any suggestions on what I could do.”

After thinking for a moment, she said:

“Yes, use less words”

Is your greatest strength, at times also your greatest weakness?

With my love and best wishes to you all



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