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Naked Leader Week – 26 – 20 October 2003)

We invite you to be the very best that you already are

(Everything you need, to be anything you want, lies waiting and within you)

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This week I have been working with HR leaders and Chief Executives. At the end of one of the sessions, we asked each person present for the one, over-riding key skill they will be looking for in their people, and those they recruit, over the next few


The Top 7:

Lively personality

Ability to build close relationships

Energy and zest

A positive attitude

Strong belief system


Innovator – full of ideas

The overall message – in the past we have recruited on skill and parted company on attitude – in the future we must do the opposite.

The great irony is that many of us have spent years developing technical and “hard” skills, and in the future our success, in our careers if not in all areas of our lives will come down to who we are, and our approach in life. As Cathy Holly (one of the leading head-hunters in the world) said:

“When you are with someone, perhaps interviewing them, do they light up the room, and you, with their energy, their zest and their personality? If they do, little else matters.”


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