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Thank You For Reading This Far

Thank You For Reading This Far


Naked Leader Week 935 – 9 August 2021

Time to read: 71 seconds

I am forever grateful to René Carayol who gave me the best 3 tips for succeeding in my post corporate life:

1 “Write a book”

2 “Write a book”

3 “Write a book”

And this week, 19 years since The Naked Leader first published, I would like to add to that wonderful advice:

1 Write a book

2 Make the title brilliant – and if you have such a title in your head right now – share it with no-one

(three can keep a secret, when two of them are dead)


3 Start the book today – now – then you are no longer going to be an author – you are an author

Something else I have learned – and this was a very harsh lesson indeed – very few people will actually read it!

The figures from various sources are scary – something like 10% of people will open the book – and that includes Kindle – and of those, around 10% will read the first chapter (make it a good one) and 10% of those will go on to actually read it!

Instead, the contents of the books we buy or download, seem to transfer by osmosis while we are asleep!

After learning this, and having been asked to write a second book – The Naked Leader Experience –  I sat in front of my PC with total writer’s block – after all, I had put everything I knew into my first

Three whole, slow, painful hours of staring at my blank Word page later, I thought to myself – ‘I must write something’

And so, I wrote the first words:

‘Thank you for reading this far.’

Now, please, don’t let this put you off – if you have a book inside of you – which can cause massive indigestion – write it, share it, some people will read it, and you will touch their lives forever.

With my love and best wishes to you all



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