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When #nevergiveup is actually…eh…unhelpful

When #nevergiveup is actually…eh…unhelpful

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When #nevergiveup is actually…eh…unhelpful

The #nevergiveup is really taking off on Twitter…and I realised the other day that as a piece of advice, support and inspiration it is not always helpful.

I am not saying #giveup on #nevergiveup, I am rather suggesting that sometimes giving up, or not starting at all, is an absolute must…for those outcomes that are not so important, vital, and key to you, in your relationships or your organisation.


  • Knowing we can achieve anything is not the same as setting out to achieve everything.
  • We all have limited time, actions and energies – far more useful to focus on the really important

In your organisation, it’s the 10% of activity that brings in 90% of your value that is key…and as we have shared with so many Client Partners, once you know that 10%, the most innovative thing you can do is to stop doing the other 90%. That’s a simplification that will make and save you time and money, while ensuring that people go home on time.

I have always said there is nothing ‘wrong’ with giving up, and that giving up is always a choice – so perhaps a better hash-tag would be:


Or maybe not (even though its 140 characters)

What outcomes are really important to you in your life, your team, your organisation? #nevergiveup

And, what outcomes are simply not important to you in your life, your team, your organisation? #giveup

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8 Responses to When #nevergiveup is actually…eh…unhelpful

  1. I agree with you David – sometimes you have to walk away – I did that about 4 years ago – and built a whole new business opportunity in the United States. If you can walk away from negativity and clear your head I believe it will give you the best chance to go forward.

  2. Yes I expect if most of us stopped and thought, there would be quite a few things we should give up to enable us to do the other things that we would rather be doing, things become a habit.
    I enjoyed reading Claire’s comment, I love reading about someone deciding to make a change and doing it, well done and best wishes.

  3. This is an excellent point – focus on the important stuff don’t get sidetracked. although sometimes we need to be sure we have seen opportunities that were along the wayside how do we know which to follow? sometimes its good to take stock from a different viewpoint.

  4. The time aspect is critical here. we have limited time so we have to make the most of it.

  5. Another great post, excellent NL Week and prompts a lot of mental gymnastics which is always a treat.

  6. Great message! For me the key is efficiency and effectiveness, doing the right thing in the right way. I like the idea of 10% of your activity bringing 90% of your ‘benefits’. However I’d swap ‘activity’ for ‘effort’.

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