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When to use the word ‘paradigm’

When to use the word ‘paradigm’

Naked Leader Week 829 – 8 July 2019

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When to use the word ‘paradigm’



No more than never.

And that applies to any acronym, jargon or word that you think the other person or people won’t understand.

When I was in ‘IT’ I used to think it was clever to use long, complex, technical words.

I wasn’t being clever; I was being an arrogant fool.

Here’s an idea, when we talk to each other in our organisations, let’s speak in language that others are likely to understand.

And if you feel really brave, if you are in a meeting and someone else uses such a word, or acronym, or similar example – ask, “Excuse me, what does that mean please?”

Even if you already know.

You may get dirty looks, you may even get patronised – quietly, in secret, in the eyes of the others in the room, you will be a hero.

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