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Connect For – You

RECONNECT with someone, simply for a catch-up, or with a loved one you may have lost touch with. You may regret not doing so in the future, no matter how easy the excuses are for putting it off.

Be true to yourself and make the first move. Decide, right now, in the back of your mind, who you would like to reconnect with. Do it now.

Write an email, or phone, or write a letter. You may feel you haven’t got the time. So make time. Then, what’s stopping you?

(Based on an extract from The Naked Coach)

6 Responses to Connect For – You

  1. I have recently got in touch with my father after five years of not speaking.
    So liberating. I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen a loved one for a long time.
    One day, sooner than we think, we will all be dead. so what was it all for if you couldn’t speak and be nice to the ones we love.

  2. So true… Thinking about when you can fit it in takes as long as it does to … text someone!
    Just a short messages to say –‘just thought of you and felt the need to say hi ‘ Can make someone’s day to know that they are being remembered.

  3. I love texting and saying hello to people i haven’t seen for a while.
    Even better is to make the time to see them.
    I have lost count of the people i have moved on from, work colleagues and the like and when you think about it, sometimes you shared so much with those people and yet you might never see them again.
    make the effort. I do, and it makes my life a lot richer.

  4. Keeping in touch has never been easier and there really is no excuse these days.
    Just pick up a phone, email, text, whatever it takes, but keep in touch.

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