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Leadership from a different perspective – Paint Pots (2)

Naked Leader Week – 224 (w/c Monday 10 September 2007)

Leadership from a different perspective – Paint Pots (2)

Lots of feedback on Frank Gray (have that as link to NL Week 222) and Paint Pots (have as link to 223).

On Paint Pots, Jeff Cook, Director of Business Systems at City University, London, makes a very simple and (to me) inspiring point – one that as you read, and think whatever you think, may set up for a very positive week

Interesting paint pots but fortunately life is not so monotone!

Firstly there is sequence – take a tissue and clean the smudge on the eyeliner – then say “There, you look wonderful, love what you did with your hair! That dress you are wearing matches your eyes; it was like the dress was made just for you.” Take away the teaspoonful of black first and then add the white and you end up with care added to the positive – a warm white!

Secondly, we do not always accept the black paint even exists! If we are trying to achieve something and talking about it with friends (creating the white) and one of them says “you’ll never do it”, then we may have doubt and the black paint drops in. However if two or three people give similar negative opinions, we often say “I’ll show you” and the black paint disappears. If another friend then supports and says “yeah, you can make it happen!”, then you have resolve added to the positive – a robust white!

Thank you Jeff

Please, send this to anyone you know who needs that motivation at the moment

With love to you all, especially if you are decorating!

David X


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