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My top ten favourite personal / professional development books

Naked Leader Week – 72 – Monday 13 September 2004

My top ten favourite personal / professional development books

(Please send your favourites to me – – I will include all lists on the new web-site launching this autumn)


No. Author Key Book Why Recommended
1 Colin Turner Shooting The Monkey


Eastern and Western thoughts combined
2 Charles Handy The Hungry Spirit Cultural change in a management context
3 Anthony Robbins Unlimited Power (Anthony Robbins!) The definitive NLP guide
4 Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now Writing style that communicates directly with our subconscious
5 Mark Victor Hansen, Robert G. Allen The One Minute Millionaire Written in two styles – a business book and as story
6 Dale Carnegie How to win friends and influence people The all time classic and repeated many times in many guises by many people
7 Richard Dawkins The Selfish Gene The anti-thesis to The Naked Leader
8 James Redfield The Celestine Prophecy A spiritual phenomenon – rejected for years, self-published and has sold 10m copies plus!
9 Ken Blanchard The One Minute Manager The fast message – the book that changed the style of leadership books
10 Tony Buzan Use Your Head My hero and he is British!





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