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Reach For The Sky

THERE may not be a better time to be working under a cloud. And no, I don’t mean sitting around in a fractious office environment where everybody is miserable!

While it is not a new concept, cloud computing has made a promise that it can help businesses revolutionise what they do to enable them to compete against far bigger rivals. More and more firms, large or small, are getting involved.

The cloud – a metaphor for the Internet – allows individuals and businesses to access services over the web without the need to invest in expensive equipment.

Shared services and converged infrastructure are examples of what cloud computing can offer. Increased storage and virtual servers are among them, with users able to access cloud-based applications through a web browser or application on their mobile phone. The business software and user’s data are stored on servers at a remote location.

Amazon Web Services and IBM are two of the companies providing the hardware and software and many businesses are discovering that it works for them. It allows flexibility and the ability to be agile in trying out new things without the need to invest in the infrastructure.

Why not investigate? It could help your business push through the cloud and reach for the stars.



4 Responses to Reach For The Sky

  1. Can be a useful tool, yes, if affording it is possible, would like to find out more about it.
    Anything that benefits a company’s capacity to use more internet services can only be a helpful thing.

  2. Everybody is working under a cloud in our office.
    Normally a bad atmosphere and not conducive to good working environment.

  3. One of the reasons I got out of an office environment was because the whole office staff were working under a cloud because of targets and the like.
    So I can emphathise with the above comment even though it has little to do with the actual posting>

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