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We all need a little more of this right now…

We all need a little more of this right now…

Naked Leader Week 884 – 10 August 2020

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In a world full of bad news, what is going wrong and challenges like we have never faced before.

Success gives us hope, it fills us with energy and momentum.

So, how often will you achieve success today? The answer is thousands of times.

Literally – mostly without even realising it.

Don’t believe me?

OK – Lets look at how often you will apply the Formula for Guaranteed Success in a typical day:

You wake up.

Know where you want to go: Get out of bed.

Know where you are now: In bed.

Know what you have to do to get to where you want to go: Lift one leg out, then the other.

Do It! Yes, you achieved success – make sure you acknowledge that by shouting – “Yes, my first success of the day – how clever am I” – or similar.


Know where you want to go: Make a coffee

Etc. Etc. Etc.

All day long.

We so often notice and tell ourselves off for what we do ‘wrong’.

Now we can notice what we do ‘right’ – which happens far far far more often…

Thanks for reading, stay well and cool



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