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5 Ways To Handle Reopening Anxiety

5 Ways To Handle Reopening Anxiety


Naked Leader Week 932 – 19 July 2021

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5 Ways To Handle Reopening Anxiety

  1. Know this – it’s OK to feel as you do. Many others will feel the same – there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you.
  2. In advance of returning to your workplace, arrange to travel in with a friend or colleague, or meet them for a coffee before going in together. Share how you feel – it is a sign of strength, not weakness, to ask for help, to say that you don’t know something, and to share your feelings.
  3. There will be people who need your help, such as those who started working for your company over the previous 16 months and have yet to meet anyone in person. Seek out these people and offer to be there for them. Helping others in areas that we also need help is rewarding for both, and all, involved.
  4. Act As-If. The fastest way to make any change in your life is to act as-if that change has already been made. The source for this was Hans Vaihinger in the late 19th century, and it was popularised by Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP. The idea is to literally think, feel and act as if your desired outcome – e.g., feeling calm – has already happened. Replacing ‘I will feel calm’ with ‘I feel calm’. And, as you read that again – ‘I feel calm’- and wherever you are, it could be that you are starting to feel slightly more relaxed, your breathing has slowed, and you do indeed feel calmer. That’s right – very good.
  5. Finally, at the start of lockdown we put 3 free gifts to help people with their emotional wellbeing –

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