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It’s The Hope That Gets You

It’s The Hope That Gets You


Naked Leader Week 931 – 12 July 2021

Time to read: 45 seconds – plus penalties

I am writing this the day after England lost in the final of the Euros – at Wembley, on penalties, in front of a nation that expected, dreamed and hoped. After going one up in 2 minutes the hope reached fever pitch…and this morning, the mourning…

Hope – A Double Edged Sword

Positive: “Hope is a waking dream.” – Aristotle

Dr Miland Karale – Executive Medical Director, Essex NHS– asked us in Naked Leader to spread hope in these difficult times, as in his opinion it is the key factor that moves people away from sadness, and towards happiness. We are doing that across Social Media – @nakedleader

Negative:  ‘It’s not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand. ~ Brian Stimpson, Clockwise ‘ played by John Cleese – written by Michael Frayn

If you’ve ever been late for an important event, you will know what this film is about, and share those moments of hope – ‘yes, I could just make it on time’ – with despair – ‘oh, no I can’t.’

On balance, in life, the positive has to outweigh the negative. If we don’t have hope, and give other people hope, and spread hope, what do we have for ourselves, and more importantly, what do we have to give those who most need our help?

And that is most certainly what Gareth Southgate’s team did – they gave our country hope and, with a very young team, only lost, in the final, to Italy, probably the strongest team in the world.

Brendan Barns, Founder of The London Business Forum, and an avid football fan, gave me a wonderful piece of advice at the start of the pandemic – start a ‘Happy Book’. And so, I did – every day I record all the wow things I hear, see and experience. So, my second football entry today was how much further this England team can go in the years ahead.

My first football entry this morning, thinking about our daughter Olivia’s wonderful boyfriend, Glen – him being half Italian – I wrote – ‘Italy won the Euros – I am really pleased for Glen’.

With my love, best wishes and much hope to you all



PS It’s the world-cup next year 😊

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