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For Naked Leader Week 1000… A Letter to Diane

For Naked Leader Week 1000… A Letter to Diane

Naked Leader Week 1000 – 21 November 2022

A Letter to Diane

I remember when we first met as if it was yesterday – on Google Meets – in preparation for my visiting Veolia Australia and New Zealand. Now, seven months later, I write to share three – of many – reasons why every company needs a Diane Caron.

  1. You always keep your word. In your leadership role of Strategy Manager, you do whatever needs to be done. Your professional life mirrored your personal one, as you learned to speak Mandarin in just a few weeks. When I asked you why, you said “I had to as I chose to go to University in China!”
  2. You always put others first. Your commitment to help other people is total. Together we delivered workshops across Australia and New Zealand and in every moment, you were focused on the attendees, their lives, and their outcomes, and never on yourself. This is why you are one of the most respected, and revered, leaders in the organisation.
  3. Humour! Having a laugh at work is not unprofessional, it is being human. It opens minds, connects people and is critical to our WellBeing. And when I said that no-one is funnier than you, you added simply “which is a pity” – Genius!

So, thank you Diane, for everything you have taught me, every time you have helped me and for making me a better person.



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