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“Are you in need of validation?”

Time to Read – Need to do some research first…

“Are you in need of validation?”

Recently published research shows if you update your Facebook page from a smart phone, while driving, you don’t drive very well because you won’t be looking at the road!


News flash! Scientists prove that swallowing magnets is bad for you.

Stop the presses! Smoking hurts wealth as well as health.

Eureka! Faraway objects can be hard to see.

These blindingly obvious conclusions reached after much investment of time, resource and money are sometimes justified on the basis that people are more likely to do or not do something when it is proved as a scientific fact!

Please – stop patronising us and let common sense prevail, so we can reach conclusions based on that ultimate research called life.

Trust in your own experiences and have faith in what you know without having to obtain any validation, reassurance or permission from anyone else.

On the other hand, as this too is advice from someone else, maybe we need to do some research on whether it is right or not – ok, back in a year with my conclusions…

With my love and best wishes to you all


12 Responses to “Are you in need of validation?”

  1. Whilst I agree with what you say in general, your example of using a mobile phone to update your facebook page whilst driving is not a good one. Unfortunately people do not use their common sense and the ultimate research called life in this case, could mean death.

  2. A very good day for this message to arrive – one of those when I appear out of tune with the latest viral thinking in the team. Thank you David, for reminding me that common sense works as well, if not better, than the latest fad..

  3. Common sense CAN work well but you need to have a little flair and imagination too.
    It’s not always common sense which is the right option.
    I have thought have keying numbers into my mobile while driving. Not to be recommended though!

  4. Talking of faraway objects being hard to see, has anyone seen Venus and Jupiter out this week. Now that is fascinating.
    Look it up online. Or just look out of your window at between 8pm and 9pm.

  5. David – are you looking for validation from us? If so, my gut says “I agree”, however I had better wait on more responses before I commit fully! If we all did this, no one would ever make a [true] descision, so thank you for common sense as ever.

  6. My reaction is also to say yes to validation.
    David, your weekly comments make such sense, so thank you.

  7. Validation can come in many forms. I would like to think my approach to life is validated each day and I can make important decisions too.
    So I am happy with that about myself.

  8. I work in a big bank – project management. All I can say is – hear, hear! How many times we have gone wrong because of fancy notions someone in the project had and the person with the common sense approach was made to feel like they were stupid for even suggesting the common sense solution, only to be proven later that they were right!!!

  9. Exactly Diana.
    Plain and simple commons sense rules which incidentally is the name of entrepreneur Deborah Meadon’s book, Common Sense Rules. She gives a matter of fact look at the business world and how to make money and it worked for her.
    No glamour, just perfect sense.

  10. have read that book and Ms Meadon does a great job in explaining the basic principles of business,
    It is about common sense, rather than inspiration but without the latter you aren’t really going to grow or progress in business. Or anything else for that matter.

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