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BETA Live Today! The Home Of Real Leadership –

BETA Live Today! The Home Of Real Leadership –

Naked Leader Week 925 – 1 June 2021

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BETA Live Today! The Home Of Real Leadership –

Success, Leadership and Adventure never mixed – until now!

After months of hard work by a massively diverse team, who know far more about far more than I do, with input from top leaders across the world, and with an overall Purpose to open up more Choices, Freedoms and Opportunities for All, THORL goes BETA live today.

We have put together a wacky house, access to the best life, learning and leadership how tos and places to meet, within the three themes of Friends, Answers and WellBeing.

And despite all of that, as it goes live, none of us really know what it is, what it can be and exactly what happens next!

Because THORL is for you, not for us.

Membership is free and by invitation only – we are limiting Founder Members to just 200 in June. We want leaders who will play an active role in hosting events, getting involved and helping achieve our Purpose as above. Come have an explore on the link in the heading and do let us know what you think

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