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Dear Rob

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Dear Rob,

Thank you for inviting me to your debut catwalk show in London.

As you know, my knowledge of costumes, fashion and clothes amounts to just one thing – black is cool – so I was not quite sure what to expect.

And I never expected that.

Your first ever show, aged 24, and you imagined, designed and made every one of the 14 costumes, completing the last at 3am on the morning of the show!

The way your friends, family and Facebook friends rallied round, volunteering their time and expertise to make it happen, with models paying their own way from Sheffield, Wales and The Isle of Wight to support you.

Rob; remember the day it all ended, and the day it all began – Monday 21 October 2013, in New Zealand House, London.

The end of years of dreaming, of dedication and perseverance, and the beginning of a successful career as, amongst many other things, an entrepreneur.

I know that a lot of people doubted you would do this – the very same people who are now saying they always knew you would.

Rob, you are an inspiration to everyone who has a dream.

If I owned a hat, I would take it off to you.

See below for Robs biography, pictures and please comment.

With love and best wishes

Rob Ivory – Biography

Born in Surrey in 1989, Rob Ivory has always been interested in clothing, though it was music which earned him his scholarship to Frensham Heights School. He went on to study pattern cutting at The London College of Fashion.

From an early age he was captivated by haute couture and was inspired by the creations of Charles Frederick Worth, Christian Dior, Azzedine Alaia, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen.

Having served internships with Ben Sholten and Zandra Rhodes, yet never having lost his love for music and performance, he decided to fuse the three elements. His first opportunity to do so came courtesy of burlesque artiste Vicky Butterfly, for whom he constructed costumes for The Black Cat Cabaret at the Café de Paris.

The Shadow of the Guillotine is Rob’s debut show, and has been made possible by the kindness, support, generosity and talent of many people too numerous to mention who are all artists in their respective fields. This collaboration has been the catalyst, not only for Rob but for all involved, for each of them to express and demonstrate their creativity.



  1. Welcome to Versailles
    The Arrival of Marie Antoinette
    “Mademoiselle Scarlett”
    “Mademoiselle Rosalie”
    “Mademoiselle Azure”
    “Mademoiselle Émeraude”
  2. Letter to a Queen
  3. The Diamond Necklace
    “Madame Violette”
    “Madame Sapphire”
    “Madame Noire”
    “Madame Blanche”
  4. The Price Paid
  5. The Downfall of the Aristocracy
    “Madame Armure”
    “Madame Masqué”
    “Madame Déchiqueté”
    “Madame Détresse”
    “Madame Décès”
  6. Shadow of the Guillotine
  7. A Dress to Die For
    “Je Suis Désolé”


The dresses get rather more wild as her reign and the diamond necklace incident takes place.
Many of the dresses have symbolic features – The final dress with the veil covered with red gems symbolises splatters of blood!

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13 Responses to Dear Rob

  1. I was so very impressed with you at the Naked Coach Diversity workshop and so delighted for you and your success. Truely an inspiration.

  2. I too met you (Rob) at the Naked Coach Diversity workshop and was very impressed with your confidence and positivity. You have truly excelled yourself and this is only the start for you! I know you will go from strength to strength – and inspire others along the way! Well done.

  3. Definitely an inspiration to all of us to follow your dream.
    It was a fantastic show, watch out costume world, House of Ivory is here!

  4. Wow wow and double wow. Knew it would be spectacular, know you will be successful and now look forward to following your stellar career.

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