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Delight Your Customers

BUSINESS is not just about making money, it is about delighting your customers. making money is the by-product. And you will delight your customers by following through and delivering on what you promise.

So, this month, and always, follow through and deliver on your promise. Be seen to deliver your agreement. And if something goes wrong, make it right, and then more than right.

Every customer-supplier dispute, the loss of a customer, a fall-out with a client, a decision by a potential customer not to come to you – they all come down to one thing. An actual, or perceived (same thing), broken promise.

Make sure you deliver and follow through on your deals, your agreements and your promises – always.

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

One Response to Delight Your Customers

  1. I prefer making money to pleasing the customer.
    My boss would prefer me to sell something to one of our customers rather than please them. It’s all about making money at the end of the day. Business is profit.

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