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Hello Emilio – Welcome To The World

Hello Emilio – Welcome To The World

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Naked Leader Week 1037 – 21 August 2023

Dearest Emilio Oscar Poma–Muller,

This letter finds you just 4 days old, and in the warm embrace of your loving family, led by Olivia and Glen of course. As we sit down to write these words, we are overwhelmed with joy, happiness and excitement at the prospect of watching you grow and learn and flourish – to fulfil the promise of your first few seconds.

Your arrival has brought a renewed sense of hope and happiness to our lives, and as your Grandparents we want to convey to you just how much you mean to all of us. From the moment you were born, you captured our hearts with your innocent gaze and tiny, delicate features. We will remember forever these first few days and the precious moments we have shared with you already. 

Dear Emilio, no matter what you may hear as you grow, this world is full of wonders, natural beauty and lovely, kind, caring people. Of course you will encounter challenges, but know that you are never alone – your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and all those who love you are part of a network that will always be there to offer guidance, share stories, and provide unwavering love.

Always remember that you are a gift to us all, and your presence has enriched our lives beyond measure.

With all our love, always – to you, Olivia, Glen and all of your family.

Rosalind and David 


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