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How To Build Rapport With Anyone, In Seconds

How To Build Rapport With Anyone, In Seconds

Time to read: 38 Seconds

Naked Leader Week 978 – 13 June 2022

Yes, they are starting again – networking events for real people, in real life – hey, we can even shake hands…

And with it, returns that fear of walking into a crowded room of strangers – so here’s how to do it:

  1. As soon as you enter the room, spot someone on their own – they will be on their phone, looking busy – trust me, it’s a front – they will welcome you…
  2. Wait for them to finish doing nothing, and say Hi, and your name, and as you shake their hand match their grip exactly – this may take some advance practice – it works because we like people who are like ourselves.
  3. Then look into their eyes briefly, smile and ask them “Where have you travelled from today?” – and let them speak and chat and all you do is listen, and when you do speak, ask them questions or make comments about what is most important to them – which they will have told you with the words they have used.

And that’s it.

With thanks to Dale Carnegie, who first wrote about ‘Framing’ in the 1950s.


With my love and best wishes to you all



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