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Leadership from a Different Perspective – Tony Roderick

Leadership from a Different Perspective – Tony Roderick

Time to read: 45 Seconds

Naked Leader Week 979 – 20 June 2022

I have the great pleasure to be in Australia as you read this – working with leaders from Veolia Australia and New Zealand.

In a One Team event I shared what I believed was the single most powerful test of absolute trust:

“You will never say anything about another team member or team, behind their backs, that you do not also say to their faces.”

I have held that view for many years, right up until one of Veolia’s Exco members, Tony Roderick, said:

‘That implies a negative comment, which I get, however can we also add this – we will always speak highly of each other, about each other and each other’s teams, both behind our backs and to our faces’.


With my thanks to Tony, Veolia and my love and best wishes to you all



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