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How To Remove A Negative Thought In Seconds…

How To Remove A Negative Thought In Seconds…

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Naked Leader Week 971 – 25 April 2022

In every moment of every day, we each, and all, make up…

What we think

When we have a negative thought, it drains us.

And so we fight it – which doesn’t work, because when we fight something we give it power.

We reason with it – this may work in the short term, but soon that thought returns.

Such imaginary thoughts, worries and fears can only be removed with imaginary solutions.

So, do this and see if it works.

Next time you have such a negative thought.

Close your eyes and say to yourself in total silence, and with absolute love, belief and certainty

‘Thank You’

And the thought will come into your head, complete itself, dissolve and disappear.


Because you didn’t have that thought on the day that you were born – it is and never has been a part of you – and when we welcome in what is not a part of us, it simply has nowhere to go.

With my thanks to all the Psychologists who teach me this wonderful stuff.

With my love and best wishes to you all



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