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“I want to Cycle for Team GB in The 2012 Olympics”

“I want to Cycle for Team GB in The 2012 Olympics”

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Naked Leader Week 1041 – 18 September 2023

“I want to cycle for Team GB in The 2012 Olympics”

A while back now, and still so, so relevant today

The Event: Early 2012 – A pre-dinner with the leaders of Ford Retail – Now ‘Trust Ford’ – I had just shared the Naked Leader message – unchanged since 1998:

“No matter what your age, your background or your present position, everything that you need, to achieve anything that you want, you already have within you.”

I am often challenged on this, and at this event it came straight away, 3 minutes in!

A Ford leader put up his hand and said to me:

“So, David you are basically suggesting that anyone can achieve anything”

“yes” I replied – appearing as calm as I could, while inwardly scared that our cornerstone was about to be disproved!

“OK” he said “I would like to cycle for Team GB in this summer’s Olympics”

I paused, jumped off the stage – ouch – and walked over to his table

“Thank you for that” I said, in a friendly way – conscious that the audience is always right – “Just to clarify – you really want to cycle in The London Olympics in just six months from now?”

“Yes” was the response

“WOW” I said, “how exciting, so you are registered with The British Cycling Federation?”

He paused – then came over to me and, surprisingly, shook my hand

“No,” he said “I was just trying to disprove your theory”

I thanked him for his honesty and we went on to partner with Ford Retail for several wonderful years.

So, is it true that you can achieve anything you really want to?

Yes, absolutely – its not how good you are, that is a given, its how good you choose to be.

My challenge is always this – please prove me wrong

Share with me your organisation’s biggest issue, problem or opportunity – in confidence -and I will come back to you

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