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It’s OK, if today you…

It’s OK, if today you…


Naked Leader Week 930 – 5 July 2021

Time to read: 40 seconds

It’s OK, if today you…

Have good moments, and ones that are not so good – enjoy both

Say some words correctly, and others less so – say them anyway – you deserve to be heard

Are kind to others, and yourself, and receive nothing in return – be kind anyway


We are none of us just one thing – each day we ride on this emotional rollercoaster called real life

And we do so, on our own, and alongside others

You are you – they are they – each of us alone and together in our thoughts, feelings and lives

Above all – please always know, and tell everyone whose life you touch – there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you

Whatever you feel right now is OK

It’s OK

It’s always OK

Except when it’s not

And that’s OK as well

With my love and best wishes



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