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Perhaps a rare thing these days

Perhaps not

I witnessed it when I was in Scotland visiting my parents last week – my dad is just out of a three month stay in hospital after breaking his leg. He is 90, and now very infirm.

He can only walk with the aid of a Zimmer frame, and is hard of hearing.

Understandably, he wanted to get out for a while, so he decided to go and pay for the newspapers.

When we arrived at the shop, it was busy. We waited our turn, and then my dad and I reached the front. I won’t go into details of the transaction, but it was complicated – a long queue formed, and…

…And then I realised – no-one in the queue was complaining, quite the reverse…and the man behind the counter was so very understanding, attentive and kind.

Quentin in The Loaning paper shop in Alloway, Ayr

You made my dad’s day – thank you

With my love and best wishes


Who are you going to be kind to, today?

10 Responses to Kindness…

  1. Kindness cost nothing.
    I still open doors for people and invariably it is the older generation who don’t say thank you when I do that, they just walk through as if it is expected.
    There is chivalry in this world still and thankfully, it many parts, you don’t have to look too far to find it.

  2. There are some people who are still chivalrous but not many. I would suggest you are in the minority.

  3. It hardly takes much to be kind. It just isn’t inherent as a quality in youngsters these days so it will die out I’m sure.

  4. Someone who has just come out of hospital has every reason to be treated like that and should expect it.

  5. I agree that it really should be a given that people show respect. It’s such a shame it doesn’t work like that.

  6. It is awful that people can’t show kindness like they used to.
    My son goes to visit people in homes at Christmas as a way of freeing his conscience of all the taking he does during the year. He feels he wants to give something back. I think that’s great and I’m proud of him.

  7. It takes little effort to be kind. Sadly, there are few people these days prepared to make the effort.

  8. It is in many places. Birmingham is one. I went there two weeks ago and held the door open for two people, one in their 20s, one in their 70s ish, and they didn’t bat an eyelid. Perhaps using one city is a generalisation but still, that’s where it happened to me.

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