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Listen To This – In Confidence!

BE confident. Confidence is absolutely critical to your success in running a business and in forming trusted relationships.

The fastest way to be confident? Act as if you are confident. The mind cannot tell the difference between something that happens in reality and something it imagines with emotional intensity. So, literally, pretend to be confident and act as you would if you really were, and you will be.

(extract from The Naked Millionaire)

4 Responses to Listen To This – In Confidence!

  1. Acting as if you are confident will surely get you only so far.
    If you are not confident, people will see through that regardless of how good you are at acting.

  2. Confidence comes from within and is only there if you have done something to make you feel confident or you have reason to be.
    It is very difficult to act.

  3. I’m confident because I’m confident in my own abilities, not because I want to be confident or because I’m acting.

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