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Sometimes, We All Need To Just Do This…

Sometimes, We All Need To Just Do This…

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Naked Leader Week 998 – 7 November 2022

Sometimes, We All Need To Just Do This…

Complain – without needing to fix things, find answers or any ways forward

Over the last 10 days, across three events – in Perth – Australia, London – UK and Zoom, I did something I had never done before. The Elephant in the Room session asked one question – what is happening in your life / organisation / the world that you are unhappy about?

In Naked Leader we would usually let it run its course and then ask the more positive opposite question.

On these occasions we let that first question, run and run. People started off gently, politely, then moved to more specific issues and then really got stuff off their chests, and some! It was like a game of who can complain the most!

And when it finally came to a natural ending, the unspoken feeling in the room was not what one might expect – negative and draining, but quite the reverse – calm, carefree, cathartic.

People said they felt they had the permission to share what was really on their mind, without fear or favour, and the mutual trust across the group was palpable.

Then, without prompting, people started laughing, sharing ideas and How-Tos – no elephant required.

Go on, give it a go – remember the only rule – no positivity, solutions or tree hugging allowed!

With my thanks to Rachael Gulliver,

and my love and best wishes to you all

David X


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