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Put Your Future On The Map

HAVE a business plan. Anybody wanting to survive in business has to have a vision, a plan. It is an essential tool for thriving and moving forward as a company. Make sure you have one. When you go on a car journey, if you’re sensible, you will have mapped out your route. You know where…Continue Reading

The Special One – You!

CHELSEA manager Jose Mourinho maybe the self-styled Special One. Well, imagine having the power to make every day special. Well, here’s the secret. You already have it. Every day can be as you want it to be. It comes with having a positive frame of mind. If you can expect the day to be a…Continue Reading

Dream On!

ASK yourself these questions. * What’s your biggest dream? * What do you want to achieve long term? * What does success look like to you? * What’s important to you? Then, consider where you are now, before appreciating what you have to do to get to where you want to be. Then do it!…Continue Reading

A Random act of Leadership

Time to Read: 22 Seconds If leadership isn’t about helping others… Then I don’t know what it is about What random act of leadership will you do – this week, today, right now, to help someone? That person in your team that you have never quite connected with, next time you see them ask “how’s it…Continue Reading

Join In The NL Forum – Today

INTERACTIVE websites. Given the chance would you vote FORUM? Well, Naked Leader advocates people becoming involved, comment, be in the game – none more so than where company founder David Taylor’s blog is concerned, entitled Naked Leader Week. Among the recent jewels was, ‘All the things that are wrong with you‘ which started with ‘Dear…Continue Reading

Believe In Your Goal

LIFE can be an obstacle course. And often, what stops us achieving success is a barrier that comes from within, manifesting itself as an inability to believe in the likelihood of our achieving that goal. It may look sunny outside but this hovering cloud within convinces us it is going to rain and if it…Continue Reading

Be A Better You

CHOOSE to change long-lasting negative behaviour. Being human is wonderful as we can learn new ways, new skills, and ignore old habits. By taking the time to make better choices, new behaviours will become new habits. Strive to be all you can be – you have it it within you to do just that. (Based…Continue Reading