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The Final NL Week – Ever!

Time to read – Hopefully by Friday 21st!

The final NL Week, ever!

Yes indeed, after ten years, this week sees the last ever NL week.

I have absolutely loved writing it, reading your responses (positive and negative) and been deeply humbled by the number of people who pass it on to others.

So, why am I calling it a day if I enjoy doing it so much?

Well, I am not – events have overtaken me, and indeed all of us.

Because of course this Friday 21 December the world is coming to an end.

And as the world will be ending, I thought it only respectful and proper to end NL Week.

Now, please forgive me, I have a book next to me called “The 5,000 places you must see before you die” and I must get onto my travel agent!

Actually, on second thoughts, if I have only a few days left, I am going to…

…What would you do if you only had four days left to live?

With my goodbyes, love and best wishes

David X

PS Unless it doesn’t happen, in which case see you for a Christmas Eve special!

18 Responses to The Final NL Week – Ever!

  1. David,

    You asked “What would you do if you only had four days left to live?”

    My answer – Thank all the people, like you, who have made my life more positive, interesting and cheerful.

    Looking forward to seeing NL on Christmas Eve.


  2. That is one of the best NL week’s I’ve seen this year.
    Saving the best until last, David!
    Last of the year that is…hopefully!

    • Thank you Cynthia – the idea came as a result of a leaflet I was given in London telling me not to bother with Christmas because the end of the world is nigh!

  3. 4 days – great question. Twenty-four years ago a wise Buddhist said to me: “Live EVERY day and moment with the seeking spirit of your first day on the planet and with the gratitude and determination of your last,” and some of the time I am now managing to do that. A 4-day target would probably focus the mind on that advice even more…

    But even if the planet goes up in smoke, I think (or want to believe…) that Life carries on, it was here before us, it will be here after us, Life is energy that cannot be destroyed so I would carry on living my life as it is right this minute, celebrating the joy of seeing Arsenal back to their mesmerising, beautiful and brilliant best last night. D x

  4. Eat cheese and biscuits! Drink champagne! Listen to great soul music, dance and be with the people I love…and they would know who they are, as I tell them regularly now.
    This is an emotive subject for me,as when my father died, death became a motivator for me to really live, appreciate and give thanks as you go (as he did)… you can’t put life on hold!
    Anyway I’ve booked to going sking in January so I’m looking forward to 2013! Best wishes to all

  5. I had a similar experience.
    My mother died two years ago and I decided that, as she hadn’t really lived, other than in her own world without travelling and seeing what’s really out there, I was going to do the opposite.
    I think we should live each day as if it is our last, emotionally that is, i am not advocating taking all your savings out and blowing them in one hit.
    But there is a life out there that needs to be explored an I decided i would go and do all things my mum didn’t do.
    I’m not saying that how she live her life was wrong, just that there is so much to see and do and the enrichment of the senses is what drives me.

  6. Four days to live?
    I would sit and read my favourite book, Kane and Abel, and smoke a big fat cigar. It’s a big book. I would make it last!

    • Kane and Abel – an epic – Jeffrey Archer is a master storyteller, and is such a survivor that if the world does indeed end on Friday I am sure he will keep on writing!

  7. Four days left…… I would gather as many of my family as I could and tell them all that I love them….I would have a glass of my favourite champagne and watch a sunrise and sunset….. and feel blessed!

  8. I feel blessed every day just being alive.
    I had a serious illness which I overcame and am happy just to see my friends and family and experience all that i do with them.

  9. Some family go out of their way at Xmas to be off with each other.
    Some don’t really want to be there and just put up with it.
    The aim is to interact with them.
    Make them feel wanted, useful.
    In fact, get round to an old people’s home at Xmas and hand out a present or two. Good for the soul.

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