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This Mindset Will Kill Your Organisation

This Mindset Will Kill Your Organisation

Time to read:Just over 3 Minutes to avoid just that

Naked Leader Week 973 – 9 May 2022

I hear it all the time – from organisations around the world – it always goes something like this…

CEO “Why is this project late?”

Response “Well, projects are always late, that’s a well-known fact”

Silence – I mean, how can one challenge such a statement?

By knowing this

NO – not all projects run late, or over budget, or with no measurable Return on Investment, or don’t meet Outcomes

It may seem this way because most do. Hey, get that, in 2022, in the age of ‘Digital’, ‘The Cloud’ and ‘AI’, little seems to have changed since the age of The Blackberry!

And it simply does not have to be that way – make the following three absolute cast iron rules:

  1. Prioritise ALL your projects – sorted by Return on Investment – then select the 10% that bring in 90% of your value and stop doing all the others. That’s your busyness and simplicity sorted.
  2. Have one overall team responsible for giving the go ahead for every project, which must show a minimum of 3 X Return on Investment – a financial value that is always agreed right at the start – and tracked continuously.
  3. Time – Use the ‘Theatre Curtain Up’ approach – our play, to be performed in front of The Queen / President etc. opens on – date for project completion – And it will be ready, and open then. 

Yes, this is a rant, it is also the blindingly obvious, and this nonsense about projects must stop now.

With my love and best wishes to you all



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