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Thought For The Week

REDUNDANCY should be viewed as a new start, not as the end. It used to have a negative stigma. Now it is much more common and it is important to remember it is the job that is made redundant, not the person.

Know this at every level. It may feel personal and it may be because the person didn’t get on with the right people. But it is always the job. How can any human being be made ‘redundant?’

(Extract from The Naked Millionaire)

2 Responses to Thought For The Week

  1. There are so many benefits in being made redundant, one being that it gives you the incentive to really go for something you might not have been brave enough to do.
    I applaud those who want to make a go of it after receiving a large sum.
    You need to have expertise, belief (in yourself) and drive allied to passion to really make it work.

  2. Redundancy should be used as a tool to get going again in your life.
    Do something with the money, pledge that you will make a fresh start and get yourself to believe it will happen, then go for it.

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