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Top 3 Trends From The Guy That Knows…

Top 3 Trends From The Guy That Knows…

Time to Read: 50 Seconds

Time to Watch Video : 15 Minutes (It’s well worth it)

Naked Leader Week 1032 – 17 July 2023

He has run events for over 21 years, with scores of speakers including Sir Richard Branson, Howard Schultz CEO of Starbucks and Caroline Goyder, global expert on Gravitas…for thousands of business leaders across hundreds of subjects…

…while always being such a genuine, humble and lovely man.

I give you Brendan Barns, Founder of The London Business Forum…

I asked Brendan for his top three current trends in leadership:

  1. Leadership by being yourself – authenticity is here to stay and ‘soft’ skills are now THE skills.
  2. Gravitas – being confident not arrogant, finding your true voice to being a role model communicator.
  3. Creativity – Realising we are ALL creative. We were as children, and we still are. The future of organisations depends on it…

In the attached video Brendan shares more on these, names his three favourite speakers of all time, and inside secrets on how the Forum make their Zoom events so immersive, exciting and memorable.

Brendan has kindly offered free, no obligation trial membership of The London Business Forum – just email him – with the words ‘naked trial membership’ in the headline.

With my love and best wishes


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