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When It’s Time – Let’s Take Off ALL Our Masks

When It’s Time – Let’s Take Off ALL Our Masks

Naked Leader Week 928 – 21 June 2021

Time to read: 42 seconds

Used with Permission: Kobby Mendez

When It’s Time – Let’s Take Off ALL Our Masks

Of course, that time re Covid protection masks will be different around the world and as always this is written with huge awareness of the unthinkable experiences, challenges and hell that so many people are still going through.

The good news is that so called ‘Freedom Days’ will eventually come for us all – whether it is today, or delayed until later, like in the UK.

And when it does, please take off all the metaphorical masks we have all been wearing to prevent others, the world, even ourselves, taking the biggest risk of them all:

The risk of revealing who we truly are:

Our strengths, our passions and our genius

Our fears, our worries and our weaknesses

Because we are scared of what others might say, think and comment.

The simple truth is this – we now face 3 Parallel/Post Covid Pandemics:

  1. Your personal WellBeing
  2. The WellBeing and Mental Health of others
  3. New leadership requirements for organisations to survive, thrive and have a certain future in these times of uncertainty

And so, it is vital that you – me – we, remove all these ‘Kings New Clothes’ and let ourselves be our true selves, once again.

This new world really needs you to do that.

With my love and best wishes to you all



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