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Naked Leader’s Source – Revealed at Last!

Naked Leader’s Source – Revealed at Last!

Naked Leader Week 927 – 14 June 2021

Time to read: 21 seconds

At Naked Leader we are often asked about the sources for our ‘stuff’. Where we get our ‘How-Tos’ from, and the sources from my books.

To date we have openly shared when we remember these sources with certainty:

  • The original idea behind ‘Be The Very Best That You Already Are’ is from ‘Bridget Jones Diary – when Colin Firth walks down the stairs to ‘Bridget’ during the party scene
  • ‘As-If’ – the fastest way to make any change in your life is to act as-if that change has already been made, attributed to Neuro Linguistic Programming. However, this was rightly corrected by our Psychology Advisor Clair Carpenter and it actually originated from Hans Vaihinger in 1925
  • Many academic universities, business schools, movies and tv programmes

And then, last week, out of the blue, on a Workshop with EDF, I was asked:

“What is the single, most influential, original source for Naked Leader?”

After a few seconds, it dawned on me, and I replied:


There you go, I said it

It is You

All you think, all you say and all you do – and most crucially, why you do those things

So, 20 years after the original ‘The Naked Leader’ was published, I say to you as you read this

You are our Source

Apologies it has taken so long to say Thank You

Thank You

With my love and best wishes to you all



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