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Three Top Ways to be Promoted: Three

Three Top Ways to be Promoted: Three

Naked Leader Week – 251 – Monday 31 March 2008

Leadership from a different perspective – Your Promotion

Three Top Ways to be Promoted: Three

Impress this group of people, the most powerful in any organisation, and your personal brand – your reach (the number of people who know of you) and reputation (what people think of you) will grow.

Make no mistake; it is your personal brand, governed by the trusted relationships that you form and nurture that will determine your career success. And before you shout out “delivery”, yes, of course – this is very important, but if you think that performance alone will see you promoted, you are living on a different planet with a totally different reality system.

Business is about believing in yourself, forming trusted relationships and following through.

So, with whom to build those trusted relationships?

The most powerful in any organisation:

  • The Opinion Formers in your organisation – the most influential. They will be a mixture of Personal Assistants, long servers and those that have the ear and trust of the most senior execs.

Your Boss (Possession is not nine points of the law, it is everything)

And – a bit of a secret here – this group will determine how you are at building relationships in general: You can always tell someone’s personality by how nice they are to people they don’t have to be nice to – receptionists, cleaners, chauffeurs, strangers.

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