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Happy 204th Birthday Mr President

Time to Read – After last week, who knows!

Happy 204th Birthday Mr President Lincoln

Prompted by my typo last week (it’s a tough one to spot ), many of you were kind, some less so, and a few of you wondered what he would be like as President today? And what lessons can modern day leaders learn from one of the most revered presidents in history?

Absolute persistence aside, three from me – one on communication, a second that will save you a lot of money and a third on how to be very, very popular:

1.         Communication – Lincoln would get to the point, with carefully chosen words that have an impact, and speak with a passion sadly rare in modern day politicians. Compare these 2 minutes that made the man immortal, with most PowerPoint presentations that have their audiences wishing they weren’t. Lesson – less is more, always.

2.         Save money – He really wouldn’t like the way state laws have taken precedent over federal laws on so many issues, and wouldn’t have allowed many of them to happen. After all, he won a war to unite the states. Likewise, leaders in organisations the world over argue for or against more local/central power. Lesson – Stop spending money looking for a perfect solution to this local v global balance – there isn’t one. Find the ideal balance between local customer service and central cost control, publicise the advantages, and be aware of the down-sides, then focus on other things that are more important.

3.         Be very, very popular – To do this, you need to make sure you die at exactly the right moment. At the time of his death Lincoln was just starting to be very unpopular with both the right (“Marxist”) and left (“dictator”). However, one must never speak ill of the dead. Lesson – if you think someone is out to get you, avoid theatres.

With my love and best wishes



8 Responses to Happy 204th Birthday Mr President

  1. Someone is out to get me, I’m sure of it.
    Someone in my company wants me out.
    I am determined to stay, so will fight my corner.
    And will avoid going to theatre.

  2. Dying at the right moment was something my mother did. It felt the right time, for her to slip away, and was a release.
    Not always an easy thing to choreograph.

  3. Communication is a key motivator in Jon Harte’s drive to be the best leader he can possibly be in his key role as managing director of Ford Retail’s parts division.
    He gives a fascinating insight into leadership and three top tips. This will be online soon, and in the Naked Leader’s newsletter, The Leader Board, which will be published at the end of this month.

  4. Isn’t it amazing with typos. People are always quick to tell you when you have made a mistake but never so sharp in giving you praise or telling you you have done well.
    A whole article can be a brilliant one – except that one spelling mistoke and that is the only thing they focus on.
    So English!

  5. Some people are just pedantic, others are just in it to make other people feel worthless and will make sure they make their point, only in the negative.
    Hate people like that.
    Let’s just acknowledge the good in thinks rather than pick holes.

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