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Perhaps This Person Could Help You?

Perhaps This Person Could Help You?

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Naked Leader Week 1013 – 6 March 2023

Perhaps This Person Could Help You?

The fastest way to be successful is to find someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve and do what they did

Some call this cheating!

In Neuro Linguistic Programming it is rather poshly called modelling!!

In Naked Leader we call it the blindingly obvious!!!

No matter what you choose to call it, where and how does one find such a person? Ideally someone who really understands you, your thoughts/beliefs and your world?

One answer may seem like an unlikely source…



Yes indeed, you may already know what you need to do – asking someone else may just be a verification. Think about your life to date – all the issues, challenges and difficulties you have overcome – and helped others to do the same.

All the dreams, momentous results and wonderful outcomes you have achieved – and helped others to do the same.
So go for a long walk, meditate, whatever, and ask yourself:

‘What would I do if it was me?’


‘When have I achieved a similar or bigger outcome in the past – what did I do?’


‘If someone else asked me what to do – what would I say to them?’

And then do whatever you advise yourself to do, and see if it works

With my love and best wishes to you



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