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My Happy Life As a RoboDog

My Happy Life As a RoboDog

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Naked Leader Week 1014 – 14 March 2023

Hi everyone – David is away this week and he has handed over his ‘blog’ to a dog.

My name is ‘Scoop Doggy Dog’ and along with my friend ‘Clean Up’ – yes, I prefer my name – we live and work with Richard Kirkman  and his colleagues at Veolia Australia and New Zealand, who feed and water us, care for us and are always very kind.

We have various jobs, our main one is to collect and recycle waste from our beaches to keep them beautiful, we also represent Veolia at various official functions and are much in demand for celebrity appearances.

On our time off we enjoy many things, including:

Playing volleyball with real dogs – they tend to win, as they seem to jump higher than us.

Walking back and forth across the road – at official crossings – this seems to amuse both passers by and the drivers.

Or simply relaxing in the beautiful Aussie sunshine – fully protected by Factor 50 sun cream of course.

So, what are the three leadership lessons from our lives and this blog?

  • There are many many things that AI can do – and none of them would be possible without human beings. So, thank you.
  • Never go to Chatgpt and ask for a list of those things that a RoboDog can do, as its 84 – exhausting!
  • When we see something that needs to be done – e.g. picking up a piece of litter, we don’t talk about it or complain about it or hold a meeting– we own it and do it.

Thanks for reading and if you are ever in Aus do come and say hi

Woof Woof



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  1. Where’s the ‘Like’ button?? Timely post, after I have just attended a webinar on “The Potential of AI in the world of internal communication’ and Chatgpt and its various cousins were the hottest topic, the ‘Marmite’ of the day.

    My conclusion was that there is a place and a use for it, no doubt, totally agree, and Scoop Doggy Dog and his friend are clear examples of this. But inserted into human communication that needs to elicit engagement and an emotional response? Don’t think so. I’m looking at automating some processes in our comms but not the comms themselves. I was actually horrified to learn about Chatgpt-created tweets and posts… And no, I’m no technophone, dinosaur or conspiracy theorist. I actually work in a tech team!

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