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SSSHHH! Bandler and Grinder were not the real founders of NLP…

SSSHHH! Bandler and Grinder were not the real founders of NLP…
Time to Read: Just over a minute
Time to Listen: Just a bit longer

These are the real NLP founders – THE experts at influence, rapport and state


Influence – A hypnotic capacity to make eye contact.

Rapport – The baby smiles – you smile.

State – An ability to cry that changes the state of you and everyone in the vicinity!

The lesson we can apply from babies – apply the persistence you did when you learned to walk (keep getting back up again and doing something different) and you will achieve amazing things.


Influence – Feed me (the number of times I have told my two cats its not their supper time, I tell them over and over, as they lead me to their bowls, and I then say “ok, just a little bit then”).
Cats (and people) will always judge you by what you do, far more than by what you say.

Rapport – Less is more. An outstretched paw, a purr, a look – all that is needed.

State – Living in the moment – for cats, the time is now and the place is here, and that’s just fine.

The lesson we can apply from cats – play it cool. If you want someone to be attracted to you, be respectful, not too familiar. And if you want people to follow you, don’t chase them, instead, set them free.

Last week I had the honour to present at The London Business Forum to a full house, on NLP Stripped Bare – The top 21 How Tos in NLP.Babies and cats between them tick off Numbers 21 (Rapport), 20 (State) and 18 (How to put your boss in your pocket)…

If you would like a complete list of the 21 most powerful NLP techniques and how to apply them please tweet me @thenakedleader

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10 Responses to SSSHHH! Bandler and Grinder were not the real founders of NLP…

  1. Hi David, Resurrection of “the basics” are key to everything – we all know but don’t always do! Your insights are a very appreciative mirror for me.

  2. From Russell by email

    Here’s another one to reflect on regarding cat’s.

    If you want a cat to come in never open the door wide, a tight squeeze and a tiny gap however works every time.

    Same can be true of people, be a little intriguing rather than full on the first time you meet, it draws out a better conversation …….

  3. Absolutely, it’s like a good woman, don’t throw yourself at their door, take a lengthy stroll up the garden path first and keep them wanting more.
    Incidentally, my cat does that a lot. Stroll up the garden path taking its time, I mean.
    Great post once again, David.

  4. I was at the London business forum and David was fantastic. He will say all he cares about is that people do something, and judging by the emails since then people are using the techniques and feeling the benefits 🙂

  5. Yes, as long as everybody does something, whether helpful or not, it’s good because they can work out for themselves whether they want to try that again or try something else.
    It’s about finding what works.

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