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Don’t Do What’s In This Blog

Don’t Do What’s In This Blog

Time to Read: Don’t!

Naked Leader Week 1009 – 6 February 2023

When you tell someone not to do something, are they going to listen; or are they more motivated than ever to do it? Science would say that the latter is more likely, because people like to be in control of their own lives, and hate being told what not to do.

A lady wrote to me about my book ‘How To Be Successful By Being Yourself’ she said she had a teenage son who “really needs to read this – I will get him a copy”. I responded by suggesting that instead, she shows him her copy and tells him that he is not allowed to read it and she will hide it to ensure he doesn’t. Sure enough, when she was out, he found it and read the whole book, taking great delight in having done so, against her wishes!

We are all notoriously curious creatures, so when you label something as the forbidden fruit and then say someone can’t have it, you ultimately make them want it even though they might not have even wanted it to begin with.

Advance tickets sales were lower than expected when the musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ opened in August 1971 – that all changed when religious groups picketed the show telling people it was “dangerous and will pollute their minds” – cue sell out.

An up to date example is the Welsh Rugby Union banning  the Tom Jones song Delilah from being played at matches, claiming it glorifies domestic abuse. Whether it does or not, this had the reverse effect from what they intended, as it soared up Spotify playlists, and defiant Welsh rugby fans vowed to continue singing it.

With my thanks to Anthony Bouchard for the science, and my love and best wishes to you all



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