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The Formula for Guaranteed Failure

The Formula for Guaranteed Failure

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Naked Leader Week 1007 – 23 January 2023

The Formula for Guaranteed Failure

Inspired by an oft asked question – ‘Hi David – if my outcome is to fail, and I fail, have I succeeded?’ I decided to share exactly how to fail…

In 21 words: Decide what you don’t want, give ownership of your life to someone else, and then, and most importantly, do absolutely nothing.

In a bit more detail:

In your life, your failure never happens by accident, it always comes as a result of you following a specific process, an exact formula. You have the right to know this formula and, when you apply it knowingly, your failure will be inevitable:

  1. Have no clue whatsoever of where you want to go – Focus every day on what you don’t want.
  2. Make up excuses for where you are now – after all, it’s not your fault… (It’s “the organisation” / Government / “them” – or, ideally, all of these).
  3. Know what you have to do, to stay exactly where you are – Discuss/debate/disagree (think a lot, talk even more).
  4. Don’t do it! – It’s all far too risky, tiring and pointless.

And if you do take action – by mistake, or if you are taken in by one of those silly leadership books then go have a coffee or a lie down, or better still, attend a very long meeting.

Good luck in failing



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